Mixed Box


Love all colours of the wine rainbow?

Try this 6-bottle pack featuring a mix of our dry wine styles (1 x white, 1 x rosé, 1 x chilled light red, 3 x reds).

1 x Blonde 2020 (a crisp & chirpy aromatic white, made from dry white muscat)

1 x Rosé No.2 2020  (dry, delicate, savoury, made from shiraz)

1 x Daylight Red 2020 (a juicy, crunchy picnic wine to enjoy chilled, made from durif)

1 x Syrah 2018 (medium-bodied, detailed & elegant shiraz)

1 x Fortrose 2019 (medium-bodied, "smashable" red made for pizza & pasta)

1 x Durif 2017 (fresh, bright + modern full-bodied durif)

Plus a Scion Wine Guide featuring food ideas + when-to-drink + serving tips!

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