Sunshine Box feat. The Assembly Sparkling


SCION + FRIENDS:  Limited Edition 6 Packs featuring Scion favourites plus delightful drops made by good friends in wine.

This 6 PACK features a sparkling white, a dry rosé and a dry white. Two of each, because we know you'll want more!

Showcasing The Assembly Sparkling grown and made by Clare Burder of Eminence Wines (Whitlands High Plateau, North East Victoria). This is joyful fizz for all occasions. Even non-occasions!


  • 2 x The Assembly Yellow Label Sparkling (RRP $38 each)


  • 2 x Rosé 2020 (RRP $28 each)
  • 2 x Blonde 2019 (RRP $28 each)


The Assembly Yellow Label Sparkling
A charming, elegant sparkling made in the traditional Champagne method by Victorian grower-producer Eminence Wines. With a low dosage, it’s a truly dry (or brut) style.

53% pinot noir, 33% chardonnay and 14% pinot meunier deliver candied lemon, white peach, some strawberry and minerality. Ageing on yeast lees for 48 months contributes a brioche/toasty background. It’s got super fine persistent fizz and has a lovely mousse.

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