Cocktail Pack


A 6 Pack featuring two fortified wines and a fruit gin, ready for cocktail hour! 

The fortified wines, one made from early-picked brown muscat and the other from durif, also double as delicate dessert wines. 

3 x Muscat Nouveau 2022 (add soda and lime to mix a Scion Muscat Spritz, or enjoy as a dessert wine with creamy desserts)
2 x After Dark 2022
 (add Aperol and Gin to mix an After Dark Negroni, or enjoy as semi-sweet dessert wine with dark chocolate)
1 x Muscat Gin 2022 (a seasonal, small-batch fruit gin made in collaboration with Backwoods Distilling, delicious over ice or with a splash of soda)

Plus a Scion Wine Guide featuring food ideas + when-to-drink + serving tips!

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