Dig out your corkscrew!

Head to the second draw down; it's time to dig out your corkscrew.

For a selection of our wines destined for further cellaring (Viognier, Syrah, Durif), we've swapped out screw caps in favour of Diam Origine. We began trialling this closure in 2017 and we're really happy with its performance. Fundamentally, the closure has permeability while maintaining a long shelf life.

This fancy cork won't spoil wine like traditional corks can, and is consistent from bottle to bottle, just like a screw cap. This cork closure is designed for premium wines using environmentally friendly materials:

100% natural cork: a sustainable resource;
beeswax: makes the corks totally watertight, protecting the wine against any capillary migration and maintaining cork elasticity;
binding material: 100% plant based, from a totally renewable source.

Go on, pop the cork - now or later - and enjoy!

Three Diam Origine corks against backdrop of beeswax